Vegan Statistics 2021 (Updated Live by Google)

June 9, 2020
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June 9, 2020 Marcel

Vegan Statistics 2021 (Updated Live by Google)

These vegan statistics cover Google Trends results for English language vegan search activity worldwide.

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Live Google Search Data

Where are people searching in Google using the keyword “vegan”?

You’ll find that the statistics include the last 12 months to the moment you’re reading this now.

The 12 month view gives you a feel for change over time, as well as current levels of interest in veganism including vegan options and products.

With thanks to Google, we have permission to embed this live graphs for you to see search statistics!

You’ll find more than the change in web search activity over the last year. We’ve also included automated search links for google web, google shopping, youtube, google images, and google news search activity below the graph.

Other Vegan Statistics for World Wide Google Search Activity

We have also prepared automated searches for you so you can see:

  1. the locations in which the search term ‘vegan’ was most popular in search during the last 12 months.
  2. the related topics that users searching for ‘vegan’ also searched for.
  3. the related queries that users searching for ‘vegan’ also searched for.

Here are the results, by search type:

  1. Google Web Search Statistics and Trends

  2. YouTube Search Statistics and Trends 

  3. Google Image Search Statistics and Trends

  4. Google Shopping Search Statistics and Trends

  5. Vegan News Search Statistics and Trends 

Tip: Look for the question mark symbols beside the headings on the Google Trends for tips on how to read the charts.

Bonus graph!

Are you interested in the long-term trends? Click here for a graph of the interest over time from 2004 to the present.

Were you surprised by any of the statistics? What do you predict for future trends? Share this data on social media!


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