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Vegan Social Media Content Calendar

You need a vegan social media content calendar if you want to capture the attention of your audience.

A social media content calendar lets you plan and schedule all your social content in advance for maximum reach, engagement and revenue. Smart content production will also boost your SEO, especially when amplified using vegan directory backlinks.

Social media calendars are essential for scheduling and tracking all of your campaigns. 

You can use these topics in all channels such as social media activity, email newsletter inclusions, advertising etc. Treat it like an editorial calendar template, crossed with a to-do list!

You don’t need to download a calendar template or a downloadable spreadsheet. You can simply and easily use our free guide as your template!

So… get ready to crush your goals and create great content all year with this social media calendar template that includes all major events in the vegan market!

Simply customise your setup to best fit your audience. We’ve given you international days, plus a list of resources where you can find local event dates as well! 

Note: It’s fine to plan your content around video, gif or image formats, but don’t forget to make it accessable in text, audio, and in other forms too.



  1. World Pulses Day (UN)
  2. Valentines Day


  1. International Day of Happiness (UN) – Celebrate the joy of living kindly!
  2. International Women’s Day (UN) – Celebrate a vegan follower or colleague who identifies as female.
  3. World Wildlife Day (UN) – Recognise wildlife carers in your audience or community.
  4. Earth Hour


  1. World Health Day (UN) – Celebrate the health benefits of the plant-based/vegan lifestyle.
  2. International Earth Day (UN) – Highlight the impacts of the meat industry on the environment.


  1. International Tea Day (UN) – This is a great one for cafes, but you can also use it to encourage people to gather for a fundraiser!


  1. World Meat Free Week
  2. International Day of Yoga (UN) – Yoga has a great connection with vegan choices.
  3. World Environment Day (5th June) (UN) – Highlight the impacts of the meat industry on the environment.
  4. Sustainable Gastronomy Day (UN) – Celebrate the sustainability of plant-based alternatives.


  1. International Day of Friendship (UN) – This is a great day for you and your audience to tag people they appreciate.


Use this month to focus on local or niche content, and on sharing and appreciating the content of your audience.


  1. World Tourism Day (UN) – Does your vegan cafe or shop sell to tourists? Say thank you to your visitor information centre volunteers!
  2. International Day of Charity (UN) – Promote and thank a vegan charity.


  1. World Vegetarian Day (1st October)
  2. International Vegetarian Week (1st week of October)
  3. Vegetarian Awareness Month
  4. World Food Day (UN)
  5. World Teachers’ Day (UN) – Offer a freebie or say thanks for teachers.



  1. Create a build up for Veganuary
  2. Christmas (in some markets)

Every Month

Don’t go quiet inbetween special days! Stay in touch and engaged. Here’s some content inspiration for your routine monthly publishing cycle:
  1. Video Content: Share a new video about your team, life, industry, or work.
  2. Education Post(s): Share the latest news that’s useful for your audience!
  3. Motivational Monday: Post an inspiring quote or story. 
  4. Your why: Share something about your values and motivations.
  5. Ask a question: Engage your audience by asking them about trends etc!
  6. Curated Content: Share your listicle or a useful link from another source.
  7. Vegan Kindness: Share something about animal sanctuaries etc. 
  8. Activist Support: Give a shout-out to an activist or charity, show the love!
  9. Quiz/poll: Use a fun quiz hear from your audience. Get to know them!
  10. This day in history: Share significant events in veganism or your industry.
  11. Entertainment: Share something just because it’s fun and amusing!
  12. FAQ: Share an answer to a frequently asked question.
  13. Promotion: Get more followers/subscribeers with using a lead magnet.
  14.  Inspire: Share a bit about what makes your work, team or goals unique.
  15. Client or Follower Feature: Share a case study about a client or follower.
  16. Meatless Monday or Meat Free Monday: Encourage people to try it!
  17. Free stuff: Create a buzz and make your audience happy with a freebie!
  18. Family Days: Celebrate Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or other family events (e.g. Raksha Bandhan) on the dates your audience(s) will celebrate them.
  19. Public Holidays: Celebrate public holidays relevant to your audience or target market.

Only for the brave!

Create reach, engagement and impact using controversy! Use some subversive or gorilla marketing.

This will work really well if you use the official hashtags and tag the official groups/accounts who are running the campaign.

Here’s what you need to do…

Design content for key dates and events in your market that aren’t traditionally vegan-friendly. You’ll need to feature equivalent vegan/plant-based alternatives to challenge the status quo. 

Here are some examples that relate to the market in the USA:

  1. National Cheese Pizza Day (e.g. You’re selling/using vegan cheese.)
  2. National Glazed Donuts Day (e.g. You’re selling vegan donuts.)
  3. Pancake Day
  4. National Meatball Day
  5. National Ranch Dressing Day (e.g. Your store has vegan ranch dressing.)
  6. Bacon Day
  7. National Gluten Free Day
  8. National Chocolate Cake Day
  9. National Pie Day
  10. National Cheese Lovers Day
  11. National Oatmeal Cookie Day
  12. National Fudge Day… etc.

Just make sure you target the annual event dates that are relevant to your audience.

Let’s say, your friend’s focus is on raw food. But, your focus is on vegan cosmetics. In that case, the key industry dates you choose for your subversive campaigns are going to be very different to your friend’s events!

Are you brave enough? Give it a try! Poke the bear. If you do it well, you’ll see your reach, publicity and engagement skyrocket.

Handy Links

Here are some handy links where you can find local dates for your content:
  1. Find important ecommerce dates for your market/audience.
  2. Identify vegetarian and vegan festivals relevant to your location, target market or audience.

Need more?

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