April 24, 2020 PenelopeFry

Vegan Marketing Trends: How will things look by 2025?

Vegan marketing trends include both:

  1. plant-based products and services and
  2. the marketing needed to engage plant-based consumers.

We have developed and adjusted our analysis to incorporate data from COVID-19. But, you should do your own analysis too!

Here are our predictions as food for thought:

1. What will attract and retain customers?

It’s about what you’re selling, to whom, and how you sell it. What plant-based offerings will be key for vegan marketing trends between 2020 and 2025?

  1. Plant-based cheese and milk: Already a leading category in the vegan market, plant-based dairy alternatives will continue to penetrate both consumer/retail and B2B markets. Drivers include an increase in lactose intolerance, the growing awareness of plant-based dairy products, and the growth in the vegan population.
  2. Plant-based protein powder and supplements: Plant-based protein powder was a top seller on Amazon in 2019. Vegan supplements were also growing rapidly. This market will broaden and strengthen, fueled by popular culture and great product results. The Game Changers film is a good example of this movement.
  3. Vegan Meat Alternatives: With major chains such as Starbucks, KFC, and others normalised plant-based meat in key markets in 2019.  The booming success of Beyond Meat has drawn more investment into the market. Vegan marketing trends will include greater choice and competition. Also, venues that don’t offer plant-based meat options will suffer – especially after COVID-19 due to the desire for ‘clean’ food. A garden salad just doesn’t cut it!

What does this mean for you? If you sell food products, think about these as core offerings. Also, upsells like vegan protein powder and nutrition could be worth building into your offering.

The growing health consciousness trend among people is expected to influence the global plant-based protein market. Millennial, especially, is highly interested in pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, they are one of the major consumers of healthy products, including plant-based variants. Consumers are increasingly adopting these products as they offer the same taste, flavor, and nutritional value as natural sources provide. Hence, a gradual shift of consumers from animal-based products to vegan products is likely to boost the market.

2. Vegan marketing trends for KPIs in 2025

What sort of performance will marketing need to focus on in 2025, especially for vegan and plant-based marketing trends?  We have studied the vegan market and also key publications on wider marketing trends from groups such as ADMA.

Here is our take:

  1. Customer Lifetime Value: Position your marketing now to build customer lifetime value. This means that Veganury based promotions shouldn’t be the focus. You want high value customers in the plant-based market if you want to survive.
  2. Customer Retention: The name of the game is to keep customers as long as possible. In the plant-based market, this means that you might want to target customers with allergies or other types of buyer behaviours that are likely to support a long term relationship with vegan products and services that they can trust as part of their routine consumption.
  3. Cost per lead/acquisition: Cost per sale will be king. After the shock of COVID-19, few businesses will have the luxury of reach and engagement marketing in 2021 and 2022. After that, there will be a growth in methods that embed cheaper and more reliable ways to convert new customers. As you build your plant-based market ask yourself: “Will this get me sales?”

What’s not on this list? Pipeline generation and funnels. Cheesy marketing campaigns with click bait funnels will finally largely die out. Woo hoo!

Do you want analysis of the vegan marketing trends for your key products and services?

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With over 17 years in international vegetarian and vegan communities on and off-line, I work hard to follow these niche markets and trends. I have provided menu advice for over 40 restaurants and cafes across 11 countries... and counting! Vegan food is my passion, but I also like sailing and cycling.


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