April 24, 2020 PenelopeFry

Vegan Marketing Jobs: Secret places to list them and find them.

What are vegan marketing jobs? 

Vegan marketing jobs are roles that promote vegan products or businesses.

The plant-based market is booming. As a result, the demand for vegan talent is growing too. Likewise, vegan marketing jobs are in high demand as people seek a job they love that’s also in a growth sector. 

The best places for vegan marketing jobs

Where can you list a vegan or plant-based gig, or find one?  Here are the niche sites that we recommend:

  1. VeganJobs.com: This is one of the most popular sites in the vegan employment market. 
  2. VeganJobBoard: This site doesn’t often have vegan marketing jobs listed, but the ones that are tend to be great.
  3. VegNews.com: This site has a good mix of short term and long term gigs in vegan marketing.
  4. ProVeg.com: Covering an international audience, this site holds opportunities from Berlin to China and beyond!
  5. VeganJobsIreland.ie: This site is a great option if you’re looking for Irish talent.

Extra Options

The pages listed above are outstanding. Here are extra options that you can consider. 

Freelance Sites

Most Freelance sites will offer a handful of talent and opportunities relevant to the vegan market.

Our gigs will generally be listed on one of the job boards above and on Fiverr.

Fiverr really is great for both business operators and freelancers. It’s worth taking a moment to sign up to Fiverr.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Want another alternative? Consider vegan affiliate marketing instead! 

We have a free resource on the best places to find vegan affiliate programs too.

Need help?

We can help you with your vegan marketing needs. We can also help you understand how to write a job advertisement or gig scope of works.

Also, we can give you access to a talented pool of graduates from our plant-based marketing training program.

Need help? Contact us! 

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With over 17 years in international vegetarian and vegan communities on and off-line, I work hard to follow these niche markets and trends. I have provided menu advice for over 40 restaurants and cafes across 11 countries... and counting! Vegan food is my passion, but I also like sailing and cycling.


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