Vegan Marketing Example: Beyond Breakfast Sausage™ Launch

April 27, 2020
April 27, 2020 PenelopeFry

Vegan Marketing Example: Beyond Breakfast Sausage™ Launch

This vegan marketing example achieved success during the COVID-19 outbreak!

It’s worth following a good plant-based sector marketing example because it can get you better results while saving time and money. The plant-based market is different and examples can help you navigate it safely.

Your business might not be a fully plant-based business. That’s ok. You can use good vegan marketing examples to learn how to market and sell your plant-based options.

“You don’t need to be a big business to use their tactics.”
Penelope –

Above all, you can benefit from the research dollars they’ve invested into the plant-based market. How? Because you can see their findings in their copywriting!

Clearly, the key thing is to consider what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. If you do, you’ll be able to identify opportunities for your own marketing.

So, we’re going to show you a great vegan marketing example from Beyond Meat. 

Why choose Beyond Meat for a vegan marketing example?

Beyond Meat has an impressive record. It achieved the status of being one of the fastest growing food companies in the United States in 2019.

It offers a portfolio of revolutionary plant-based meats. Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat has a mission of building meat directly from plants. This innovation enables consumers to experience the taste, texture and other sensory attributes of popular animal-based meat products. At the same time, it allows people to enjoy the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating its plant-based meat products.

Beyond Meat’s brand is commitment, Eat What You Love™. This represents a strong corporate belief that consumers can enjoy more, not less, of their favorite meals by eating its portfolio of plant-based meats. By doing so, consumers can help address concerns related to human health, climate change, resource conservation and animal welfare.

Their portfolio of fresh and frozen plant-based proteins were sold at approximately 77,000 retail, restaurant and foodservice outlets in more than 65 countries worldwide as at December 31, 2019.

Finally, Beyond Meat’s web presence includes:

Vegan Marketing Example: The Beyond Breakfast Sausage™ Launch.

The beauty of this launch is in the copywriting, so let’s have a look at it:

What did Beyond Meat say?

Beyond Meat’s campaign was pretty consistent across their retail media release, investor news release, website product pages, and all socials.

Let’s see examples of their approach.

Firstly, their lead phrase was generally: “Mornings just got brighter!” 

Secondly, the new product was described as: “Beyond Breakfast Sausage is made from simple, plant-based ingredients, like peas, brown rice, and beets, without GMOs, soy, gluten or artificially produced ingredients.”

Thirdly, Beyond Meat compared their product to a “leading brand of pork sausage”. They claimed to offer:

  • More protein and iron, with 11 grams of protein per serving
  • 50% less total fat
  • 35% less saturated fat & sodium
  • 33% fewer calories
  • No cholesterol, nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics or hormones

The focus then turned. In conclusion, they said that it was a “perfect way to power your morning” even if you’re rushing off or relaxing.

Moreover, Beyond Meat highlighted the following quote from the CEO before introducing their influencer:

“Our Beyond Breakfast Sausage platform delivers on our promise of enabling consumers to Eat What You Love™ while advancing health, environmental and animal welfare benefits. It has seen early success at some of the most popular and iconic quick service restaurants and we are excited to introduce the first extension of the platform in retail. It’s been a staple in my own household and I’m glad that families can now enjoy this delicious breakfast option at home while feeling great about nutritional wins like 50% less total fat, 35% less saturated fat and sodium and no cholesterol compared to a leading brand of pork sausage.”
Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO – Beyond Meat

What did their influencer say?

Beyond Meat teamed up with Martha Stewart Living for the launch. 


“Because our founder understands that eating less meat is better for the environment, she teamed up @beyondmeat to promote their new breakfast sausage patties.” Martha Stewart Living

Martha also featured on their retail media release because of her role. She said:

“Beyond Meat offers a better-for-you plant-based option to animal protein for people who are looking to change or expand their diets. I think it is important to start the conversation around such plant-based diets. Reducing our meat consumption as we move toward the future, is yet another important step in curing the environmental problems facing the world we live in.”
Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart Living

What plant-based meal is a winner?

Another reason why this is a great vegan marketing example is the recipe.

Which plant-based foods will attract people in a global market? What will inspire them to buy at premium prices? This is a question that your businesses wants to know too! 

According to this campaign the savory breakfast answer is…

*drum roll*

… a breakfast sausage frittata!

Well, that’s not something you see in vegan menu options every day! As a result, you can see that tasty egg-replacement options are now readily available. 


You can be sure that a lot of market research went into this. Because of the ingredients, our experience tells us that this recipe choice could have been made to help them appeal to the gluten free market and protein heavy diets like keto as a bonus. 

Don’t you think these kinds of plant-based menu options could be worth considering for your breakfast menu? Beyond Meat could be above your ingredient cost limit for profitability, but have a look for local suppliers of cheaper plant-based sausages.

Contact your local grocery store and health stores to find out what types of low-cost vegan protein products attract the most sales in your area.

Oh, and here’s a secret!

While they used the frittata as the lead magnet, it’s interesting to note that they actually also developed a second menu option for the launch. This recipe is worth considering too.

The runner up?

It was sausage with creamy grits and roasted tomatoes!

Key messages and keywords summary.

The keywords and key messages worth noting include:

  1. plant-based
  2. plant protein
  3. better-for-you breakfast option
  4. cooks from frozen to finished in less than five minutes
  5. 50% less total fat
  6. 35% less saturated fat and sodium 
  7. 33% fewer calories 
  8. health, environmental and animal welfare benefits
  9. no gluten
  10. kosher
  11. no cholesterol, nitrates, nitrites, antibiotics or hormones
  12. seasoned to perfection
  13. no soy
  14. ready to power your day
  15. sausage
  16. patties
  17. irresistible flavors
  18. no gmo

This list says consumers are looking for plant-based food that tastes familiar and is fast, healthy and satisfying/high protein.

Consider this for your product and menu item descriptions.

Bonus insights from this vegan marketing example.

You will find two gems in the FAQ section of the Beyond Breakfast Sausage product page.

  1. Why replicate meat? This is a question that many businesses face from customers when they add plant-based options to their menu. The Beyond Meat team have a great way to deal with it. Their response makes reference to wanting to enabling customers to eat what they love, and in this case it’s “juicy, delicious breakfast sausage patties”. They then link their offering to the purchase drivers of plant-based food fans. It’s clever copy. Check it out!
  2. How do you make plant based meat without GMO? Their response: “Protein, fat, minerals, carbohydrates, and water are the five building blocks of meat. We source these building blocks directly from plants. Using heating, cooling, and pressure, we create the fibrous texture of meat from plant-based proteins. Then, we mix in fats, minerals, fruit and vegetable-based colors, natural flavors, and carbohydrates to replicate the appearance, juiciness, and flavor of meat. The result? Uncompromisingly delicious plant-based breakfast sausage, no sacrifice required.”

You may have customers ask: “What’s in plant-based meat?” If so, reach for these explainations to save yourself time!

Take action!

How can you use this example for your own business or blog marketing? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Join an affiliate marketing platform like AWIN to find or become an influencer.
  2. Design eye-catching marketing content that looks professional using Canva, or have a talented person do it for you on Fiverr.
  3. Avoid failure! Plan and manage your content and engagement using a social media management tool like Sprout Social.
  4. Get journalists to feature your business or blog in the news using our guide to the free HARO platform!

Or, just contact us for help! We can do it all for you.


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