Vegan Jobs: The ultimate guide.

May 30, 2020
Posted in Vegan Jobs
May 30, 2020 PenelopeFry

Vegan Jobs: The ultimate guide.

What are vegan jobs? 

Vegan jobs are roles that work within or promote vegan products, businesses or charities.

Vegan jobs are in high demand as people seek a job they love that’s also in a growth sector.

The plant-based market is booming. As a result, the demand for vegan talent is growing too.

If you want to find a job, you’re in the right place!

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What are Vegan Jobs?

Vegan jobs are roles that work within or promote vegan products, businesses or charities. Beyond these, there are a lot of other jobs that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. These vegan-friendly workplaces and roles are also worth considering in your job search.

If you’re thinking “I want a vegan job near me” or you’re looking for remote vegan jobs, well, you’re in the right place for the ultimate list of vegan job ideas!

Below, you’ll learn about both specialist vegan jobs and also mainstream vegan-friendly job options. Plus, we’ll show you how to find and win these jobs!

Specialist Vegan Jobs and Careers

Are you keen to work in the heart of the booming vegan scene? Here are the top specialist vegan jobs and careers:

Vegan Chef Jobs

A Vegan Chef is a trained Chef who specialises in recipes and cooking for vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free menu items. You’re going to learn about nutrition and business, not just plant-based cooking!

Are you searching for this sort of Chef job? You’ll find some great tips thanks to the Vegan Society in their article called ‘How and why I became a Vegan Chef‘. 

As a Chef, most of your opportunities will be with large organisations. But, you will also find that there are a few private vegan chef jobs too.

If you’re a plant-based Chef, you could go onto business opportunites or leadership. Likewise, there is a market for people with these talents as influencers and educators. Get that side-hustle going with your youtube channel, online course, recipe book or content freelancer work writing vegan recipes!

Vegan Society Jobs

Some places don’t have a large enough population to sustain both vegan and vegetarian societies. In those cases, have a look for the local vegetarian society or joint society instead. 

Some vegan society organisations worth visiting when you’re job hunting include:

Vegan Brand Ambassador Jobs

Vegan brand ambassadors are needed by a growing number of businesses that are vegan and 100% plant-based, or who offer products that are. Vegan festivals offer ambassador jobs too.

Some of these jobs will show up in online job boards if the employer tags the job as a “brand ambassador”.

But, the best option is to ask a couple of your favorite companies if they have an ambassador program. You can also do a google search using your favourite topic  

After all, it’s easiest to be an ambassador for a brand or product you really like!

Make sure your social accounts are already following the brand’s accounts before you contact them to ask about a vegan brand ambassador jobs! They’ll check.

Vegan Outreach Jobs

Vegan outreach organisations provide information for people who want to learn how to make cruelty-free choices. 

Common outreach work includes managing information stalls at colleges and high school campuses, as well as at vegfests, cat and dog festivals, Comic-Cons, yoga festivals, farmers markets, and other fairs and conventions.

Beyond the front-line, these organisations require administration, marketing, fund-raising, management, event management, finance, public relations, media relations and other skills too. 

This sort of work can even include  vegan chef challenges in which local, meat-based food businesses add vegan dishes for a month and compete for prizes, usually resulting in the takeaway making their vegan options permanent.

Veganuary Jobs

Keep an eye out for Veganuary jobs around August each year. They offer both permanent and temporary jobs in multiple countries. Jobs with Veganary include roles like “Communications Manager”, “Head of Campaigns” and  “Finance Officer”. For example, a Communications Manager with Veganuary manages social media channels, writes blogs, and builds relationships with key influencers. You’ll need about two years experience in a similar position and speak native English. Expect a home-based contract role for seven months with a salary equal to around $35k-$48k USD per year full time.

Vegan Activist Jobs

Do you want to take action? Some vegan activist jobs are volunteer, but others are paid! Here are three examples of vegan activist employers:

It’s hard to come up with a list of the best vegan companies to work for, because great companies are launching every day! We watch the Google data, and the largest number of people are searching for these opportunities:

If you’re interested in business, you could also become a Franchisee. But, most of us are a bit nervous about restaurant franchise investments since COVID-19!

Vegan-friendly Jobs

Vegan friendly jobs include mainstream careers and also student or summer jobs.

Mainstream Vegan-Friendly Jobs

The mainstream jobs that aren’t vegan-friendly include work such as animal farming, fishing, animal circus, non-vegan product manufacturing or sales, and animal testing work.  

So, where can you find jobs that are mainstream vegan-friendly jobs? The great news is that perfect careers for vegans are available in every one of these industries: 

  1. Accounting
  2. Administration & Office Support
  3. Advertising, Arts & Media
  4. Banking and Financial Services
  5. Call Centre and Customer Service
  6. CEO & General Management
  7. Community Services and Development
  8. Construction 
  9. Consulting & Strategy
  10. Design & Architecture
  11. Education & Training
  12. Engineering
  13. Farming & Conservation
  14. Govenment & Defence
  15. Healthcare & Medical
  16. Hospitality & Tourism
  17. Human Resources & Recruitment
  18. Information & Communication Technology
  19. Insurance & Managed Funds
  20. Legal
  21. Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
  22. Marketing & Communications
  23. Mining, Resources & Energy 
  24. Real Estate & Property Management
  25. Retail & Consumer Products
  26. Sales
  27. Science & Technology
  28. Sport & Recreation
  29. Trades & Services

For example, The People Concern is one of Los Angeles County’s largest social services agencies. It’s a leading provider of, and advocate for, evidence-based solutions to the multi-faceted challenges inherent in homelessness and domestic violence. The Role and Responsibilities they listed in their Indeed advertisement for a Residential Counselor included: “Uphold and support vegan lifestyle / Help maintain vegan kitchen.”

You will also find $120,000 – $170,000 per year salaried Mobile Application Developer Jobs that list free vegan breakfasts as one of the job benefits, for example. 

As you can see, there are a lot of different vegan-friendly mainstream jobs and work places.

Sometimes it pays to be vegan. Literally.

You just need to use ‘vegan’ as a keyword in your search when you’re job hunting!

Vegan-friendly Jobs for Highschool, College and University Students

If you’re a vegan student looking for a job right now, chances are you…

  • Are looking for a casual, part time or summer job.
  • Have no formal degree.
  • Have little job experience.
  • Want a job near you.

Whether it’s gas/petrol, rent, mobile/cell bills, or even just to keep up with your increasingly destructive vegan burger addiction… you need the money. And at this rate, you can’t afford to be picky. Here are some vegan-friendly jobs that suit students:

  • Teach English Online: You don’t need a qualification. You just need an internet connection and laptop or PC to teach English. If you’re a native English speaker or in an English speaking country, you should be able to help people learn English online. It’s easy to sign up as an english coach on Cambly. Roster yourself on for ‘priority hours’ that suit you and they’ll direct student calls to you so you know you’ll get some money when you need it! Another easy online English teaching option is to sign up as a teacher on SkimaTalk.
  • Tutor: An age-old student tradition. Did you ace that class? Offer to help others for a fee!
  • Vegan, Organic, and Health Food stores: Casual work includes packing deliveries and responding to customer messages and questions. Best of all, you could get both work and an awesome staff discount! Great for your vegan cheese addition.
  • Freelance Content Writer: Want to work online from home? Sign up to Fiverr or one of the other freelance sites. Feature ‘vegan’ and ‘plant-based’ on your profile if you want to stand out as someone who can help create content in this niche. Don’t forget to sign up to Transferwise, Payoneer or another payment option at the same time. You need to be able to transfer your money out to your bank so you can spend it!
  • Vegan and Vegetarian Festivals and Markets: Approach the organisers or stall-holders of festivals and markets. If you want a vegan job near you, this could be a fun option. And if you want international experience, you could even get free entry and accommodation for a working holiday!

Where to find Vegan Jobs

Vegan Job Boards

Yes, there are dedicated vegan job boards! If you want employment in this niche, your job search needs to include these sites.

Here are the niche websites that we recommend:

  1. This is one of the most popular sites in the vegan employment market. 
  2. VeganJobBoard: This site has a great variety of vegan jobs.
  3. This site has a good mix of short term and long term gigs in vegan roles.
  4. Covering an international audience, this site holds opportunities from Berlin to China and beyond! 
  5. This site is a great option if you’re looking for Irish talent.
  6. Passion Placement: Register as a candidate to access a broad range of vegan job opportunities, plus Director roles on boards. They provide a matching service for employers.
  7. Good Food Institue Affiliates: GFI lists their own jobs on their site, but also a wide variety of jobs available with their local and international affiliated organisations.

Job Sites (Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn etc)

You will be surprised by how many opportunities you’ll find on mainstream job sites! 

The huge growth in the plant-based sector means that people who have vegan knowledge are in demand even in ‘traditional’ businesses such as consulting and finance. And, this is where you’ll find most of those types of jobs.

Use the search terms “vegan” and “plant based”. You’ll find niche jobs in almost every industry. Also, you’ll find companies who offer vegan and plant-based lunch and diet program benefits for staff too.

Pretty neat, huh?

The main sites include:

  • Google Jobs
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Linkedin
  • Monster
  • CareerBuilder
  • Seek (especially in Australia)

Do you want vegan jobs near you in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia? You’ll get fast search tools for major job sites in our vegan job hunting resource.

Remote Vegan Jobs on Freelance Sites

Most Freelance sites will offer a handful of talent and opportunities relevant to the vegan market. If you have a skill, you can offer freelance services with little competition!

We generally list our freelance gigs on Fiverr. It’s worth taking a moment to sign up to Fiverr. It’s great for both business operators and freelancers. 

Ryan Robinson has a great overview of 78 Freelance Sites

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Consider signing up to AWIN or another platform where you can find vegan affiliate programs.

Then, you’ll be able to make money by promoting brands and products.

Need more information? Check out our list of the best places to find vegan affiliate programs.

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With over 17 years in international vegetarian and vegan communities on and off-line, I work hard to follow these niche markets and trends. I have provided menu advice for over 40 restaurants and cafes across 11 countries... and counting! Vegan food is my passion, but I also like sailing and cycling.


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