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Vegan ambassador programs: How to become a vegan brand ambassador in 2021.

What are vegan brand ambassador programs?

Businesses set up vegan brand ambassador programs to engage people to represent a vegan brand in a positive light, and help increase brand awareness and sales.

Organisations sometimes employ brand ambassadors to enhance awareness of vegan brands and products to boost their sales or engagement.

This is your ultimate guide to becoming a brand ambassador in the vegan market!

You’ll be a good fit for vegan brand ambassador programs if you enjoy reaching out and interacting with your community. 

If you’re searching for a flexible job that allows you to work from home, becoming a vegan brand ambassador may be a rewarding career or side hustle for you.

Best of all, you can become a vegan brand ambassador for free! Contact the brand directly, or find them in your preferred Affiliate Network.

In this article, we explain vegan brand ambassador programs, what a vegan brand ambassador does and how to become an brand ambassador.

If you’d like to learn more about Awin, check out our free guide to Vegan Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks.


Many companies pay via services like Payoneer or Transferwise.

If you sign up to Payoneer or Transferwise before applying to become an ambassador, you’ll be ready to get paid as soon as you’re approved!

Vegan Brand Ambassador Jobs

Before you start, it’s helpful to open your mind about the different kinds of opportunities you have in this market.

We’re not just talking about food!

Common niche opportunities for professional brand ambassadors include:

  • Vegan Beauty Ambassador
  • Vegan Protein Ambassador
  • Vegan Makeup Ambassador
  • Vegan Skincare Ambassador
  • Vegan Fitness Ambassador
  • Vegan Food Ambassador
  • Vegan Fashion Ambassador
  • Brand Ambassador for Travel

You’ll also find opportunities listed as “plant based ambassadors”.

Read on. You’ll learn how to become a brand ambassador and which vegan companies are recruiting now!


Table of Contents

How to Become a Vegan Brand Ambassador

How to become a vegan brand ambassador in 6 steps

make money from home as an ambassador

Follow these steps to build a career as a brand ambassador:

  1. Find compatible brands
  2. Build engagement
  3. Create a cohesive online personality
  4. Build your following
  5. Contact relevant brands
  6. Apply to be a vegan brand ambassador

1. Find compatible brands

Start in your own home. What brands are you already buying? Look through their website to see if they have an ambassador page.

Also, have a look through posts tagged with #vegan on social media.

Do you see any social media activity that features products you’re intersted in?

If so, click the posts and have a look to see if it’s associated with an ambassador or influencer agreement. If it is, you’ll know that the company is open to working with ambassadors. 

Contact them to learn more about their requirements.

When you’ve found a few companies you like, look through their social media posts. Also, research their current ambassadors to get a sense of what they are looking for in a brand ambassador.

Doing your research will inform your next steps, and you’ll improve your chances when you are ready to apply to companies.

If you already publicly support and engage with a brand, you may find it easier to become an official ambassador for them.

So, start following your targets straight away!!!

2. Build engagement platforms

Attracting likes and comments on your social media posts helps you advertise yourself to companies as a potential brand ambassador. 

Work to increase engagement on your existing social media presence, and broaden your online engagement platforms. 

If you’re seeking to be treated as a professional, you’ll also need to develop your Ambassador website and blog platform too.

Here are three key tips:

  1. Get a professional domain and website to connect your social media to a central point of contact and content. It isn’t expensive. We recommend SiteGround.
  2. Connect your socials and your website together with consistent design and branding features. We recommend Envato Market for templates and designs, and Fiverr if you’d like professional help.
  3. Ensure your social media activity attracts engagement with your site’s content, not just your socials. Brands want you to have an audience that will ‘click through’ on deals.

You need to show that you can be your own brand ambassador, before you can convince others you can do it for their brand too!

Build a following by writing engaging posts and posting interesting photos that encourage people to interact with you. Remember to respond and comment on the work of others!

How many followers you have matters. But, having an engaged following in a well defined niche can make you highly attractive and valuable to brands.

3. Create a cohesive online personality

Many vegan brand ambassadors have a clear and recognizable personality that they show online.

Create social media content that reflects a cohesive voice, look and set of topics. It’s time to get disciplined and focus!

This could involve styling your food in a certain way or taking photos that reflect a consistent look. Or, create a focus of interest, such as a passion for vegan ice cream, sweets, yoga and smoothies.

Vegan companies look for ambassadors who show a certain vibe that is a good match for their own branding and target market.

4. Get your audience involved

Invite questions, sharing, and comments from your followers and people you meet offline.

You can even host webinars or in-person meet-ups (if it’s safe) too. 

Respond to as many ideas and comments as you can. An interactive, personal touch will draw in more followers and make your current followers more likely to interact with your socials in a positive way.

In some cases, completing this step can lead to opportunities! In 2019, a vegan restaurant recruited a group of “brand ambassadors” by approaching them based on their audience. 

This is called micro-targeting. We aren’t all at Harvard university, but you can use this example to see how a brand may seek out brand ambassadors who could help them engage with a well-defined niche market.

5. Contact relevant brands

Don’t wait for brands to come to you!

Reach out!

Once you’ve built your platform and a following, start making contact with brands you’re interested in promoting.

Contacting organizations will help you learn about the kind of represenation they’re looking for. You’ll also find out if and when they’re hiring.

You could send a message to one of the company’s social media accounts to ask about the possibility of representing them, for example. Or, look for an ambassador page on their website and email the nominated address. They may reply to your message with details if they’re interested.

Are you interested in doing in-person events and promotions? Find an event they’re attending and visit their representatives to introduce yourself!

You can also research ambassador job advertisements. You’ll find a list of vegan-friendly job boards in our Ultimate Guide to Vegan Jobs.

6. Apply to be a vegan brand ambassador

While some companies use an informal process to recruit brand ambassadors online, others might require a proposal.

Visit the company’s website and socials to research them before you apply or submit your proposal.

Make sure your website has a ‘work with me’ page that showcases your following, vibe and talent! It’s your ‘public’ proposal and application

You can also apply for ambassador jobs using traditional methods when they’re advertised on the vegan-friendly job boards listed in our Ultimate Guide to Vegan Jobs.

So, that’s the six!

If you love engaging with a community, growing a following and supporting brands you love, being a vegan brand ambassador could be a great side-hustle or main gig for you.

Start in your free time. Build your website and online presence over time. If you grow your skills and following the right way, you may be able to be a vegan brand ambassador full time!

Vegan Brand Ambassador Jobs

8 Essential Tips to Become a Paid Vegan Brand Ambassador

If you want to get paid for social media posts or become a brand ambassador you’ll need to connect and promote yourself!

That means you’ll need great content, an excellent network and a plan.

It’s not easy, but these pro tips can help you on your way.

vegan brand ambassador

1. Grow your following by reaching out to groups early.

Advertisers will be looking at your follower count and engagement rates, so it’s important to start building both straight away!

Become a visible, genuinely engaged and positive member of key groups in your field. Re-sharing posts, creating react videos, and other types of engagement can build you good will and credibility in the scene. 

Don’t forget the fan-groups of products and companies that you’d like to work with in the future!

You’ll find groups run by Agencies and private pod groups too. A social media pod is a group of users who all agree to like and comment on each other’s posts. The social media software specialists at Sproutsocial don’t recommend pods. We don’t either. 

Don’t risk your credibility, especially in the vegan market.

It can be more profitable to focus on growing an authentically engaged audience of fans.

After all, you want cash… not just likes!

2. Look to your favorite hobbies as starting points and become a brand ambassador

Be your authentic self!

It’s easier to do something well if you’re doing something you love. So, why not start with your hobbies? You usually take up a hobby because you enjoy spending time on it.

Check out the video above. Can you see the joy in the way Gaz Oakley makes his donuts? Find something that lights you up like this!

Are you all about morning routines for wellness? Do you love sport and nutrition? Are you into shoes? Build your personal brand on it as solid foundations for further growth and diversification.

Being a brand ambassador requires consistent engagement over time, so your hobby could be a good place for you to start.

Also, your energy and passion will come through when you start creating content. This authentic enthusiasm is a trait of the best brand ambassadors.

As they say, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!

vegan tea brand ambassador niche

3. Know your audience niche (and stick to it)

Once you’ve identified your niche topic area, you need focus on the types of people who are attracted to it in large numbers.

It’s important that you:

  • find the largest audience group within your area of specialty;
  • understand what they need to buy to support their goals; and
  • target your audience with relevant content, outreach, events, and podcast or video interviews.

Being a successful brand ambassador can means becoming known for something within a special network or community of people.

You’ll want earn people’s trust as a source of great advice and inspiration they can turn to when they’re making purchase decisions.

This works for something that’s even as simple as tea. What’s the best plant-based milk for earl grey tea? People want information that aligns with their vegan values and helps them enjoy a positive experience too.

So, consider the needs of your audience so you consistently produce content that genuinely helps them.

4. Learn to make amazing content that solves followers’ problems

This follows on from the previous tip.

Making content that helps people with decisions is important, but so is content that helps people solve problems.

For example, I’ve just bought a vegan jacket that’s waterproof. I dropped food on it and I’m worried it’ll stain! What kind of cruelty-free stain remover can I use without ruining the waterproofing?

Solve the problem well, and you could be adding vegan cleaning products to your brand ambassador gigs!

Read forum and group discussions. What problems are your audience facing? Research and publish content that gives them the answer!

Brands are interested in ambassadors that can offer them innovative content that their competitors don’t have.

If you want to get paid for ambassador posts, you’ll need to be able to show the marketer that you’re worth the money!

5. Demonstrate passion and conviction beyond the basics

All of the previous tips have been simple. Choose a niche, start making content for your specific audience and solve their problems.

The next step is where most new brand ambassadors fail.

Only a passionate, relentless attitude will get you from a hobby to a job. If you want to be paid for social media posts and other content, you need to be willing to continue to make great content and spend time building your presence for months.

That’s the only way to truly dominate a category and boost your profile to the top of the list!

Create a system. It’ll help you stay on top of your game. Get yourself a creative partner. That will help too. Take a graphic designer or other creative friend out for lunch (or cook for them) in exchange for a whiteboard session where you both swap content ideas. You’ll also find some good graphic design and photography examples and help on sites like Fiverr. If you need ideas for your personal brand or content, check out our affordabe marketing strategy service too.

Do you travel? Think ahead about where you’ll go and what you’ll see. Plan. You don’t need miss a great opportunity to create content! Make sure you consider lighting conditions. The best photos are those that you take with both the composition and great sunlight making you or your products glow!

Finally, plan and schedule your content and engagement on multiple platforms using a professional program. Sprout Social is one of the best.

Take your ambassador role and personal brand seriously. You’ll find that professional discipline is the difference between a hobby and a great income.

Vegan Brand Ambassador Jobs

31 Brands Currently Looking For Vegan Brand Ambassadors

be yourself as a vegan ambassador

There are lots of vegan companies looking for ambassadors across the world.

If being a vegan brand ambassador sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out our list of the best companies that are currently looking for them!

Become a vegan brand ambassador for free stuff, or get serious money. We’ve listed examples of both types for you.

These vegan brand ambassador jobs include fashion, food, nutrition and more!

1. The Vegan Warehouse

The Vegan Warehouse offers everything from fashion and beauty to household goods and food. They’re taking applications for brand ambassadors.

If you’re selected, you’ll be given a referral link plus support on how to be successful as an ambassador.


  • Earn 10% commission on orders
  • Receive free products and store credit
  • Get shoutouts on IG to 20k+
  • Support the vegan movement

2. Toby’s Family Foods

Join the family and a successful business that has been running since the 1970’s!

Toby’s use the best ingredients possible so their ingredients are sourced locally from independent growers and producers, completely unprocessed, and all organic (which includes non-GMO).

They’re really considerate of people with food allergies too. 

Here are the four types of vegan food ambassador roles you can apply for:

  • Toby’s Demos & Events Program
  • Toby’s Photography Program
  • Blogs & Social Media Program
  • Toby’s Tastemakers Program


  • Free products.
  • You get to provide your audience with free product coupons or discount coupons.
  • Support the vegan movement

3. Native Snacks

Native Snacks products are all Vegan and Gluten-Free!

They’re expanding online and in supermarkets. So they’re looking for vegan brand ambassadors to help them! 

You’ll need to send them your CV. If you’re selected, you’ll be building relationships with their clients and stores. You could also find yourself conducting samplings to support sales and marketing.


  • £10-12 per hour, depending on sales experience, plus bonus!
  • Part-time work which is flexible around your schedule. You choose slots that work for you!
  • Training day hosted at Native HQ in London and beers and snacks meetups.
  • Prizes for the best performing Brand Ambassadors throughout the year.
  • Support the vegan movement


Do you love to wear and talk about vegan apparel & nature products on your Instagram, blog, youtube or Facebook accounts?

You could be a great Vegathletics Ambassador!


  • Earn 10% commission on orders, plus an additional 5% if your audience accounts for 20 orders or more per quarter.
  • You get to provide your audience with awesome discounts on great gear
  • Support the vegan movement

5. HappyCow

Volunteer as a brand ambassador for Happy Cow to advocate for local businesses to offer more vegan alternatives and help travelers find great food!

By joining this organisation, your voice will help grow your community and help get veg businesses in your area noticed by people around the world!


  • Invitations to events
  • Merchanise and swag
  • Decals of excellence to give to your favorite businesses.
  • Support the vegan movement

6. Go Nanas

If you’re passionate about food and health, Go Nanas could be for you! You’ll help a small business grow and spread their health-focused product and mission.

Go Nanas is a gluten free and vegan, mini banana bread loaf company that was started by two students.

They’re looking for brand ambassadors to help promote their products and reach a larger audience by growing their media presence.


  • access to unlimited free product
  • full credit for your content (i.e. helping you grow your audience)
  • Support the vegan movement

7. Handmade Heroes

Handmade Heroes create vegan natural skin care products that reflect a passion for living an modern healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

They use all natural essential ingredients. Each and every product is cruelty-free vegan.

If your personal brand fits a healthy, fit and cruelty-free lifestyle, you might suit their vegan brand ambassador program.


  • Confidential. Email them for details.

8. Corkor

Corkor makes beautiful goods with cruelty free alternatives to leather. It looks like leather, but comes from a tree!


  • Confidential. Email them for details.

9. Foods Alive

Foods Alive started in 2002.  They make top quality organic, gluten-free, vegan, high fiber crackers.

You’ll need to share Foods Alive 3+ times per month on social media.


  • $50 voucher every few months.
  • sharing, full credit and re-tagging your content (i.e. helping you grow your audience)
  • help grow the vegan movement

10. The Vegan Age

The Vegan Age is a vegan apparel and lifestyle brand that designs high quality, positive, fashionable streetwear for women, men and kids.

By focusing on and sharing positive messages about veganism, they work to celebrate the vegan movement and help it grow.

The need brand ambassadors – both online and at vegan festivals.


  • Confidential. Email them for details.

11. Orgain

Orgain provides nutrition products that are developed by a doctor, with taste that’s delicious as fudge!

They have a basic brand ambassador program, and a healthcare professionals ambassador program too.


  • Confidential commissions and other perks. Email them for details.

12. The Honest Company

Founded by Jessica Alba, the honest company provides a variety of household goods, beauty, baby supplies and gifts.

You don’t need a big social following!

Their ambassadors visit a set number of retail stores on an average of four times a month for one hour per visit.

If you’re interested in clean, cruelty-free living then this type of vegan brand ambassador role could suit you!


  • US $15 per hour ($37.50 for 2.5 hour store visits and $60 for 4 hour store visits).
  • Opportunities to earn free product.
  • Training


You can make a generous income & support vegan change by becoming a Ambassador! 

They offer excellent commissions for promoting the Vegan Design Council Membership.   

You don’t have to be a designer to apply!


  • Up to 40% commission!
  • Become part of an innovative and vibrant design scene.
  • Support the growth of the vegan movement.

14. Sun Warrior

Sun Warrior produces 100% Plant-Based Proteins & Superfood Supplements.

Bring your A-Game if you want to be accepted as a vegan protein ambassador. This is a well established business that seeks to work with the best.

If you don’t have a large following yet, consider joining as an affiliate first. Then, you could use your great results to try for an Ambassador agreement.


  • Confidential. Contact them for details.

15. Herbvim

Herbvim is a small batch, artisanal vegan and cruelty-free natural skin care company. They’re looking for individuals who are passionate about the same things.

Become a vegan skincare ambassador if if you’re into skin health and beauty. This could be a good starter Ambassador role for you.


  • Free products.

16. Vegan Cuts

Vegancuts is a trusted source for vegan food, beauty, and makeup products.

They’ve been running for over a decade. The Vegan Cuts Ambassador & Affiliate Program is very popular.

The take ambassador applications through the vegan cuts affiliate portal.


  • $3-$4 commission on every referral
  • access to other confidential exclusive affiliate benefits (contact them for details) 

17. SoFlo Vegans

If you ever wanted to create content about veganism or host your own event, this is your opportunity.

SoFlo Vegans is looking for talented individuals to join their team! They’re working to make South Florida a hotspot for veganism.

The perks you get from the SoFlo Vegans Ambassador Program increase the longer you’re an Ambassador.


  • Get paid to host events.
  • Earn commissions
  • Discounts off gear and events.

18. VegNews

VegNews is the world’s number 1 vegan food and lifestyle magazine. The VegNews Brand Ambassador Program is a high profile opportunity with a great business!


  • free copies of the magazine
  • vegan swag
  • contests
  • insider deals
  • a significant role in supporting the vegan movement

19. The Hungry Hippie

Are you in the tri state area? If so, why not become an ambassador for this Vegan Meal Delivery Service?


  • a welcome Pack with a Reusable Hungry Hippie Tote, business cards, pamphlets, and HH snacks
  • 10% commission


Are you active on social media? Earn up to $ 1000 per month with the Ambassador program of SIMKHA, Quebec vegan cosmetic brand!

All of their beauty products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free certified.  They have nearly 100 skin care products and services.


  • 10% commission
  • Free samples
  • discounts

21. Wholesome Culture 

Wholesome Culture designs and sells sustainable, ethically-made fashion and gifts. They also donate 10% of their profits to animal rescues & eco-friendly organizations.


  • 10% commission
  • the ability to give 10% discount to others
  • help support mental health and the vegan movement

22. SOULiers Studio

Do you love ethical fashion and your  vegan lifestyle? Do you have a good social media following? If so, SOULiers would love to hear from you!

They make beautiful vegan, ethically-made footwear for women. If you are looking for vegan brand ambassador programs in Canada, this may suit you. SOULiers Studio is a Canadian company.

Apply to become a SOULiers Studio brand ambassador using their form. It’s pretty simple.


  • Confidential. Contact them directly for details.

23. My Raw Joy

This is a great vegan brand ambassador program in Europe.

My Raw Joy makes healthy organic snack foods including chocolate. 

This lovely business is based in the Czech Republic, but they’re open to Ambassador applications from anywhere in Europe.


  • 10% Commission 
  • you will be able to promise a free gift to your social media followers

24. Bite Society

Bite Society is a mission-driven, zero-profit, open vegan project. If you’re looking to build your reputation and be able to win other Brand Ambassador roles, this is an easy one to start with. 


  • free samples
  • sweet swag

25. Beauty Bakerie

Are you passionate about vegan cosmetics? Become the voice of the Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand in your community!

They also have an affiliate program.


  • $16 per hour
  • Beauty Bakerie Sweets/Swag
  • Opportunity to enhance your marketing skills

26. Biona Organic

As a Biona Organic Brand Ambassador, you will represent their well-known organic food brands (Biona, Amisa, RAW, Profusion, Bonsan & Biofair) at events and in retail stores.

Ideally, you should be available twice a week for 4 hours/day in one of their key markets (e.g. Dublin). 

This is a great example of a UK Vegan Brand Ambassador job.


  • €10 per hour plus travel expenses
  • Opportunity to enhance your marketing skills

27. Tropic Skincare

Would you like to be a brand ambassador for a a multi award-winning, vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand?

Tropic Skincare has been recognised by The Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100 as one of the UK’s fastest growing skincare brands.

They’re seeking vegan skincare ambassadors!


  • 25% commission on orders
  • great training
  • incentive rewards including luxury trips

28. Nut Milks

Would you like to be the face of a vegan brand at a pop-up store in London?

This company makes delicious vegan nut milks and raw vegan treats.

This role requires about 8 – 24 hours a week.


  • Earn £11.00 Per Hour
  • Support the vegan movement

29. DAN & MÉZ

DAN & MÉZ offers premium sustainable watches with PETA Approved vegan leather straps made from recycled pineapple leaves.


  • Confidential. Contact them for details.

30. Vegan Forever Ambassador

Become a Vegan Forever Ambassador if you’re interested in protecting animals and fighting global warming.

Vegan Forever makes vegan message wear. Their fashion and accessories mix classic shapes with interesting design features.


  • 10% Commission
  • Ability to provide 10% discount to others.
  • Support the vegan movement with message wear!

31. Vegan Outfitters

Become a Vegan Outfitters Ambassador if you’re interested in fashion.

Vegan Outfitters offer high quality fashion and accessories and have a strong commitment to compassionate values.

Join via the Vegan Outfitters site or through Awin. If you’d like to learn more about Awin, check out our free guide to Vegan Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks.


  • Earn per click
  • High conversion rates
  • 30-day cookie to ensure that your sales are rewarded
  • Great discounts and incentives run regularly
  • Additional incentives for high performing affiliates


With over 17 years in international vegetarian and vegan communities on and off-line, I work hard to follow these niche markets and trends. I have provided menu advice for over 40 restaurants and cafes across 11 countries... and counting! Vegan food is my passion, but I also like sailing and cycling.


We welcome you to contact us for more information
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