April 23, 2020 PenelopeFry

Vegan Affiliate Marketing: How to choose affiliates.

Vegan affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting the plant-based products and services of others.

As a business, you can tap into this market by offering affiliate programs. Consider using marketers who specialise in the plant-based products and services. Their quality and reach is astonishing. 

Affiliates aren’t right for every business or campaign, but they’re certainly worthy of consideration in this market.

Here are our top tips for tailoring your affiliate strategy to the plant-based space:

Choose moderate affiliates.

Two types of affiliates dominate the vegan market: ‘hard core’ vegans and more moderate plant-based lifestyle fans and influencers. There doesn’t seem to be many in the middle! Unless you’re planning a vegan marketing campaign to announce that you’re going 100% plant-based (yay!), steer clear of designing your affiliate program to target ‘vegans’. At best, you run the risk of market mis-alignment and at worst… a total failure to attract affiliates as a result of your efforts. Instead, target ‘whole-foods’, ‘compassionate’, ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘plant-based’ themed sites and influencers. They may be more receptive to a non-vegan business who is seeking to promote their plant-based offerings.

Contact vegan affiliates early.

Vegan affiliate marketing can require a longer lead-time if you’re a non-vegan business. You need to time to build trust and credibility when launching plant-based offerings for the first time, even if you’re an established business. Start cultivating affiliates well before you need them!

Link your affiliate program to wider strategies.

Build strong connections with other aspects of your marketing campaign. Social proof is always important, but it can seriously make or break a campaign in this market!

It’s a big call but… 

… we’re going to say it.

The best place to promote your vegan affiliate marketing program is on YouTube!
Marcel – jacoi.com

Here at jacoi, we researched the search activity across multiple platforms. The clear winner was YouTube. If you want to promote an affiliate marketing program for vegan products and services, YouTube is your best place to find people looking for them! It’s also a great place to find people who are promoting them!

Want an alternative to vegan affiliate marketing?

Would you like more control over your marketing? You can post vegan marketing jobs instead. Design your freelance gig or other job description to suit your needs. You incorporate commission-based pay and other metrics that are very similar to an affiliate role.

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