September 21, 2020 Marcel

Tips for finding Vegan Friendly jobs and careers in 2021

Are you considering ways to make your job more vegan-friendly? Or, perhaps you want to learn how to find a vegan job so you can make a big career change?

The great news is that you really can find vegan-friendly jobs and careers that you’ll love doing!

When you win a job with a mission focused company that puts passion and purpose first, you’ll be able to progress your career and make a positive difference at the same time. Imagine being with like-minded people who support sustainable living, animal advocacy, and the growing success of alternatives to animal based products. Now, that’s a job that you’ll actually enjoy doing!

If you’re not happy with your current situation, joining a team where you can achieve both purpose and a successful career will really change your life.

Read on to learn all about vegan job and career path ideas, plus tips on how you can find jobs and engage with recruitment specialists to access the hidden vegan job market.

Vegan Friendly Jobs and Careers

Perfect careers for vegans offer both prosperity and purpose. From administration roles to positions on the board of directors, the opportunities will surprise you!

Vegan society, outreach, activist careers and other vegan-friendly jobs include both remote and in-house jobs where you’ll make a real difference.

The hospitality and food manufacturing sector offers more than great local vegan restaurant and chef job opportunities. You could join the team in a plant-based protein or dairy company!

Your vegan and vegan friendly remote job options are broad too. Are you interested in being an influencer for Veganism through marketing or vegan brand ambassador jobs? Could your talents lead to content and website development for companies, media and niche publications like VegNews?

Register with us and we’ll help you understand which plant-based jobs are a great fit for both your talents and your career goals.

How to find a vegan-friendly job

Thousands of vegan-friendly jobs are available at any given moment. But, you need to find them!

Here are five steps to finding a vegan job, plus tips for your job search:

  1. Join a Vegan Job Board – Register with a vegan job board, such as Passion Placement.
  2. Prepare – Update your resume and social media profiles. Highlight your transferable skills, not just position titles! You’ll find examples of skills and abilities when you browse the jobs on your job board.
  3. Network and Apply – Don’t hesitate. Apply for positions advertised! Connect with leaders and organizations you’d like to work with so you can learn about their needs. You can also seek advice and coaching from recruiting professionals like Passion Placement.

Give yourself the best chance at wining your dream role. Set up your profiles using good advice, then step up and apply!

How to engage with “Niche” recruitment specialists

The best way to find advertised opportunities and access the hidden job market is to engage with a specialist recruiter.

Recruiters specialize in an industry or market. For example, we’re recruitment specialists in connecting people with mission-driven organizations that are vegan-friendly.

  1. Sign up for their newsletter and scan through the advice they’ve published. (In our case, signing up will give you 10% off your membership plans too. Bonus!)
  2. Register for job alerts and draft your candidate profile. You’ll be automatically informed when new job opportunities match your criteria.
  3. You’ll find that questions come up as you establish your profile and review opportunities. Common questions include: “How do I translate my skills into this type of role?” and “How can I improve my CV and be more competitive?” Reach out for help. Your recruiter can provide you with personalised career consulting, coaching, training, and mentoring services that give you the edge over the competition.

You will find that the best thing about engaging with a vegan recruitment specialist is that they’ll listen. At Passion Placement, for example, when recruiting or coaching we seek to carefully understand your ‘why’. That’s how we’ll match you with a company that you’ll truly love working with.

Now, you’re ready to find your new vegan and vegan friendly plant based jobs and career. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you in your search for great vegan companies to work with!


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