Foods infographic: 5 foods that are NOT for plant based menu items


Infographic: The 5 foods that are not plant based ingredients. Avoid them in your plant based menu items!


Foods that are not plant based are often offered to people who ask about plant based menu options. Flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan customers will not be impressed if you offer these foods. If you accidentally include them in your dish you will get bad reviews.

Avoid epic fail! Avoid driving existing customers and potential new customers away. Avoid these foods!


About this infographic

What are the 5 ingredients that are not plant based, but often suggested?  How do you avoid them?  The foods in this infographic will surprise you.  This infographic recommends the key foods that you should avoid for vegan, flexitarian and vegetarian customers. These are not plant based ingredients!


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What are the ‘purr’fect ingredients for plant based menu items.  What will attract new customers and delight existing customers?  To avoid bad reviews, what should you NOT offer someone who asks for a plant based meal?

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