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Do you wish you knew exactly what your target business customers want right now, and how much they’ll pay for it? Or, would you like to know if they’ll stock your kinds of products in their stores or on their website? We can just ask them for you!

B2B marketing surveys are forms of market research that uncover insights into your marketplace by surveying a representative sample of its players. Survey participants might include prospective buyers, existing customers, former customers, buyers who chose to buy from another company, and influencers.

We’re experts in specialised techniques of market research for the premium plant-based niche, but our B2B marketing survey service is still very affordable. After all, we want to help you spread plant-based products and services so it’s easier for everyone to go vegan!

We will do a survey or an interview to get you the answers you need. You can remain anonymous, or we can tell them about you. It’s up to you!

The sort of answers we can get for you include:

  • Who are their key customers?
  • Who are the decisions makers in the business?
  • Does their company ever purchase ______ ? Or, does their company ever stock/sell ______ ?
  • Where do they go when they’re looking to source ______ ?
  • How often do they purchase ________ ?
  • How long does it take them to make a buying decision about ______ ? (or make a decision to stock a new range of ______ )
  • What is their typical budget for ________ ?
  • What features do they look for when they purchase/stock __________?
  • What benefits do they look for when they purchase __________?
  • What problems or other drivers/trends motivate them to purchase/stock __________?
  • What needs are they trying to meet when they purchase/stock __________ ?
  • … and more. You get the idea!

Our methods include one-to-one verbal/video interviews, with email or other methods as back-up if a discussion isn’t feabile. We know that people are more receptive to survey interviews lasting no longer than 30 minutes, which is why our price is designed around that length.

Plus, we’re old school and never spammy or pushy when seeking interviews. Your prospective customers will be treated with total respect.

This price includes:

  1. A 30 minute consultation to determine the marketing survey objective and business types to target for the survey.
  2. Survey question list for up to 9 questions within 2 weeks of the consultation: The draft will be sent to you for feedback. This price includes one round of review and edits, and timeframe excludes the time you take to review the draft.
  3. Contact with up to 5 target businesses to seek survey interviews, with efforts lasting up to 2 weeks.
  4. Up to 3 survey sessions with businesses who agree to participate in the survey, running for a maximum of 30 minutes per survey completed within 2 weeks of their agreement to the survey.
  5. A document outlining the survey participants and the survey answer transcriptions, completed within 2 weeks of the final survey.
  6. A 30 minute debrief to discuss findings within 1 week of findings document submission.

A B2B marketing survey service could transform your business. What are you waiting for? Book us today!


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