October 28, 2020 Marcel

How can I make a difference?

As a new candidate, you may be thinking: I’m just one person. Can I really make a difference?

With us, you’re not alone!

Passion Placement is a job board and community focused on connecting people with mission-driven organizations doing work that matters to them.

You’re adding your skills and passion to a thriving ecosystem of innovators, forward-thinking doers, and visionaries who are already making a difference through their daily work.

Unlike at any other moment in history, mission-driven organizations now have the ability to blend world-wide talent with record levels of investment to improve the world around us. Just as modern communications replaced the horse and buggy, better business is rapidly replacing unsustainable practices.

The ecosystem needs more talented and passionate people so we can accelerate and broaden these achievements.

We urgently need more people like you.

How are things improving?

Our member companies are in support of missions like sustainable living, animal advocacy or creating alternatives to animal based products.

When you join them, you’ll be making a difference.

If you join a company that has a mission to create a just and sustainable food system, for example, your work will help to:

Reduce Environmental Degradation

Improving the sustainability of food production is vital for our environment. United Nations scientists state that raising animals for food is “one of the major causes of the world’s most pressing environmental problems, including global warming, land degradation, air and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity.”

Fight Global Poverty

The global population is projected to reach 9 billion people by 2050. And yet… poverty and hunger is already a problem! To avoidentrenching global poverty, we need to transform current food production systems urgently. Growing crops to feed them to farm animals is vastly inefficient, for example. We can use these protein-rich grains and legumes to help feed the world instead!

Improve Animal and Worker Welfare

The current production of animal products subjects tens of billions of thinking, feeling animals to lives of painful mutilations, extreme confinement, emotional trauma, and inhumane slaughter. In the process, many workers are exposed to physically and psychologically dangerous and exploitative work conditions. Through sustainable food systems, we can produce affordable food of high-quality without causing such harm.

Protect Human Health

A significant volume of antibiotics are given to farm animals. About 80 percent of antibiotics produced in the U.S. each year go into animal agriculture. This constant stream of antibiotics contributes to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. It’s creating new varieties of superbugs that cannot be killed by standard antibiotics! Also, tens of millions of people get sick every year from eating contaminated meat in the U.S. alone. Thousands die. It’s a global problem that sustainable companies are addressing through plant-based protein and other actions.

You can make a difference, starting today.

You may feel like one person’s work can’t have an impact.

Don’t dispair. You can easily make a real difference when you’re working within an organization and community that’s leading great improvements!

Join us.

You’re not just building your career. With our help, you’ll be building your positive legacy.


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