The 5 secret ingredients that will attract plant-based food lovers!

April 11, 2020
April 11, 2020 PenelopeFry

The 5 secret ingredients that will attract plant-based food lovers!

You can attract plant-based food lovers using these 5 secret ingredients. We developed this list at Jacoi.

Now, with COVID-19, ingredients like this are important if you want to stand out when people are ordering online!

Why does this secret list work? Well, the plant-based market is similar to any other ‘movement’ or market niche. For example, if you mention ‘Liverpool FC’ then you’ll catch the interest of football fans who are passionate about Soccer. Jacoi’s secret list covers the special interests of plant-based food fans!

NFPLA5 vegan cat


Here are the 5 key ingredients that will attract vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and other plant-based food lovers!

1. Nutritional Yeast

“Nutritional what?!” Yes, seriously! Nutritional yeast is a loved ingredient in the plant-based food community! It even has a nickname! It’s known affectionately as “nooch”.

Nooch is a savory ingredient. It is a yellow powder that creates a “cheesy” flavor. Nutritional yeast has a long shelf life and isn’t expensive. Use it to make cheesy sauces for plant based pasta and salads. It isn’t the same a baking yeast or brewer’s yeast.

Entire plant-based community meme collections and discussion threads are dedicated to jokes about their love for nutritional yeast*. Don’t be surprised if new customers are willing to pay for long-distance delivery for a chance to try your menu item if it features this product!

nooch nutritional yeast


2. Famous Brands

The plant based food market is brand conscious. Customers are reassured by the quality of ingredients like Beyond Meat, Tofurky, Gardien etc. Top brands on your menu will attract new customers & higher prices.

This space is changing all the time! The market for plant-based foods is well over $3 Billion per year now. So, companies are investing in new products and brands every year.

If you do our online course, we will teach you many easy ways to identify the ‘hero’ ingredients you need to increase your profits and attract new customers in your local market. One option is to talk with local grocery stores. Ask them about the brands that are in highest demand.


3. Protein Powder

Plant based protein powder includes pea protein and other vegan protein powder.

As an upsell or standard ingredient, this will boost demand for your smoothies and desserts.

NFPLA5 vegan protein powder


4. Local Produce

Is your salad ‘featuring’ tomatoes grown in your region? Or does your pasta feature ‘locally crafted’ cashew cheese sauce… thanks to your
nutritional yeast and blender?

You could create a salad featuring heirloom tomatoes from Farmer Joe’s Farm just outside of your city. Or, you could simply garnish with a tiny amount of locally grown herbs.

Mention local produce on your menu items and it will delight plant based consumers!


5. Avocado

Avocado fats give body to plant based foods. They feature in plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

This ingredient will attract plant based food lovers & higher meal prices.

But, it’s expensive and people can be fussy about it. So, use it with caution!


So, there you have it! The Jacoi Secret top 5 ingredients!

These 5 key ingredients will give you a great connection with vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, and other plant-based food lovers.

Add these to your menu item descriptions to attract plant-based food lovers! Make sure you don’t include other ingredients that are not plant-based. If you don’t, you list your venue on HappyCow.

Want to learn more? Take our our online course today!


*Nooch is an acceptable alternative to flowers, if you ever want to send us a ‘thank you’ here at Jacoi! 😉



With over 17 years in international vegetarian and vegan communities on and off-line, I work hard to follow these niche markets and trends. I have provided menu advice for over 40 restaurants and cafes across 11 countries... and counting! Vegan food is my passion, but I also like sailing and cycling.


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