June 18, 2020 Marcel

Backlink Building and Directories for Vegan SEO Backlinks in 2021

Backlinks help search engines determine your domain authority around a certain topic.

Are you an authoritative resource on vegan recipes? Their site explorer may identify relevance when it crawls your indexed content for keywords, but a backlink from a site dedicated to vegan recipes will tell them that your content has authority on the subject.

If the anchor text used for the link says “best vegan recipes”, then a search engine will see that you really stand out in this niche. Your url may say your site offers the “best vegan recipes”, but now you have someone else telling the search engine that they agree with you!

Do backlinks matter?

Establishing inbound links is part of search engine optimization (SEO), which determines your search engine rankings (pagerank). This is called link building. It’ll help you get to the front of the search engine results page (SERPS) for your keywords. And if you’re in the front of the search results, your webpage has a better chance of being found!

Search engines find backlinks when they crawl the internet. That’s why webmasters who practice white hat on-page SEO pay careful attention to metrics like the quality and quantity of their backlinks.

One way to find opportunities for link building is to do a backlink analysis on the urls of competitor sites. SEO tools like Ahrefs and Neil Patel provide free backlink checkers. You’ll see a list of sites that are linking to your competitor.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan blogger or a webmaster for a huge plant-based ecommerce website, link building should be part of your seo strategy and vegan marketing campaigns. If you want to start a vegan blog or set up any type of new website, inbound links can help you stand out as a competitor faster.

But, you don’t want to send backlink request spam to the webmasters of websites! You need to build your domain authority and content up to a point where you can genuinely offer value if they link to you. Also, don’t be tempted to try to cheat the system with webspam and manipulative link building tactics, because Google is too smart for that since their Penguin algorithm update. Your links need to be related to your content and legitimate.

That’s where foundation strategies such as niche online vegan directories come in!

What is a Vegan Directory?

Vegan directories are profile creation sites that offer you an opportunity to get relevant backlinks. They’re not going to guarantee you a spot on the first page of Google, but they can help you indicate authority in the vegan niche.

Some vegan directories can also help drive traffic to your site, because people do use them to find vegan sites, products and services.

Generally, vegan directory sites are not the most powerful backlinks but at least they’re usually free! Some directory links are nofollow links, but others do provide inbound follow links. But, even quality nofollow backlinks from websites with high domain authority in your niche are better than having no links at all!

Bonus Tip! Free Backlink Checker

How can you confirm and monitor your backlinks for free?

If you’ve registered your site with Google Search Console, you have access to a free backlink checker!

Click the ‘Links’ menu on the left hand side of your Google Search Console dashboard.

How to find your backlink list in google search console

You’ll see the following handy lists:

  1. External Links
  2. Internal Links
  3. Top Linking Sites
  4. Top Linking Text

It’s simple. And, it’s free!

Jacoi Vegan Directory List

We have collected a global list of vegan directories for you.

Here’s the list! 

  1. HappyCow (Free. See our guide to HappyCow)
  2. Peta Business Friends (Paid $500+ but high Domain Authority)
  3. VeganIreland.org Vegan Business Friends (Low cost, includes a blog post feature article, global listings ok)
  4. Veganuary Corporate Collaborations (Free listings for Special Offers and Eating Out pages – see our Veganuary Marketing Guide)
  5. Vegan Directory UK
  6. Australian Vegan Business Directory
  7. Viva! My Vegan Town UK
  8. Vegan Traders Union
  9. Vegan Jobs (Set up as an employer.)
  10. Vegan.com Festivals Directory (for festivals obviously!)
  11. Vegan.com Vegan Donut Directory (USA only)
  12. Barnivore (For beer, wine and spirits businesses)
  13. VegDining (Restaurants)
  14. VeganLand
  15. VeganWomble
  16. Global Vegans
  17. Veganbaking.net Vegan Bakery Directory
  18. VeganLinked
  19. South African Vegan Directory
  20. VeganParadise
  21. Vegan Organic Network 
  22. Veebles
  23. Hip Vegan Life
  24. EthicalGlobe
  25. VeganDirectory.net
  26. EthosandEmpathy
  27. Lazy Vegan (6 months free)
  28. BeyondAnimal
  29. ShopVegan (Requires reciprocal link)
  30. OhSoRed (Free for the first 30 days)
  31. PlantBasedMe.co (Not free)
  32. GrownVegan (Only for Western Australia)
  33. SoFlo Vegans (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County)

If you’re not going to try to list on all of these sites, consider domain authority and relevance for your niche.

Also, if you have a directory or app you would like to add to this list please contact us.

What to do now.

  1. Set up a website or blog if you don’t already have one!
  2. Sign up for AWIN or another affiliate program platform. You’ll find brands offering vegan affiliate programs. Embed affiliate links in your page, sothe extra traffic you get from directory listings will increase your revenue beyond your direct sales!
  3. Create links to your directory listings and website on social media. Tools like Sprout Social are perfect for planning and managing social media engagement for SEO.
  4. Make sure your landing page is optimised for vegan keyword content.
  5. Brainstorm ideas with us in a 30min marketing strategy video call to explore powerful steps you can take to boost sales and promote your business.

Bonus Content: Where to Get Free Backlinks for SEO

Here’s a list of places you can list your website and content so users and search engines can find you.

Key Sites

These sites are good for backlinks to specific pages/content, not just to your homepage:

  1. YouTube
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Instapaper
  7. Medium
  8. Reddit
  9. Quora
  10. Vimeo
  11. scoop.it
  12. Tumblr
  13. vk.com
  14. Daily Motion
  15. CastBox
  16. SoundCloud
  17. Pinterest
  18. soundcloud

Other Sites

  1. mix.com
  2. pearltrees
  3. authorstream
  4. wattpad
  5. genius
  6. driggle
  7. about.me
  8. slideshare
  9. dailymotion.com
  10. teachable
  11. behance
  12. crunchbase
  13. deviantart
  14. moz.com
  15. diigo
  16. envato
  17. disqus
  18. tiktok
  19. Google My Business


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