June 15, 2020 Marcel

Amazon Prime Video: How and why you should use it for your Marketing

Amazon Prime Video gives you an opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can use Prime Video to learn about content marketing. Oh, and did you know that you can upload your own videos to Prime Video Direct and get paid for every minute people watch them inside the platform?

Read on…

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What is Amazon Prime Video?

With Prime Video, you can enjoy exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows. Watch anytime, anywhere. Joining is easy. Start your free trial to explore their collection.

Using Prime Video for Marketing

What do you think of when you hear “marketing with Amazon”? Are you thinking we’re going to talk about affiliate marketing? Wrong! We cover Amazon Associates in our article on affiliate programs.

Here, we’re going to take you through how you can use the power of this huge Amazon platform for content marketing.

Amazon Prime Video is the number two player in the U.S. subscription streaming world. Whereas Netflix counts 167 million paid subscribers worldwide, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon Prime (with Prime Video) now boasts over 150 million subscribers worldwide (up from 100 million one year ago).

Peter Csathy, Forbes

Marketing your business using their Content

You know, it’s hard to find fresh content that people are interested in.

That’s why professional marketers jump on content associated with trending hashtags.

You can do it too! It’s simple. Here’s how…

Firslty, let’s say you searched for vegan content and found New Day New Chef. It’s a great example of many Prime Video shows that appeal to vegan and plant-based consumers. In this series, vegan chefs from around the world create mouth-watering dishes with plant-based foods.

Now, how can you use a great show like this for content marketing?

Here are three ideas:

  1. Put one of your recipes from your takeaway, blog or recipe book up against a recipe from the show. Bring in ‘blind taste test’ judges. Live stream the ‘food fight’ on your socials. Create some controversy!
  2. Use a recipe from a cooking show to create a new menu item for your takeaway. Then, promote your takeaway by featuring the menu item in your socials using the line “as seen in New Day New Chef“. Be sure to use the associated hashtag (e.g. #NDNC) to make the most of trending interest in the series!
  3. Pick out a problem or drama from the show, and point out how the product or service you’re promoting would fix the pain point. This could be anything! Did the blender lid come off and splash everyone? If you’re an affiliate marketer for kitchen equipment, you need to be onto that! Which blenders should they have used to avoid this epic fail, and where can people buy them?

These are fun ideas just to get you thinking differently. You get the picture, right?

The key message here is that we’re talking about a video service that over a hundred million followers. This is a global audience that is willing to sign up for a subscription and spend money on their passions. 

Best of all, you’ll find well established niche audiences – including people interested in the plant-based diet and vegan living!

That’s the sort of audience you wan’t, isn’t it?! This is the type of consumer that’ll give you great results from your content marketing!

Marketing through Amazon Prime Video Direct

Many of us are familiar with YouTube for content marketing, but few people know about Amazon Prime Video Direct.

Prime Video Direct helps content creators and visual storytellers reach millions of Prime Video customers worldwide. You can distribute your content to a global audience in multiple languages. 

Amazon pays creators for every minute watched.

Pretty neat, huh?

You can use this opportunity to create engaging and entertaining shows aimed at educating consumers. Just be careful to stay within the rules outlined in their content policy guidelines.

Don’t want to creat your own video? Contact a creator!

Would they like to shoot an episode in your kitchen? Could you seek product placement where they use your product or book/blog recipe during their show?

Tell them you’ve watched their shows on Prime Video. Tell them you loved their work. Then, ask them to collaborate!

What to do now.

Start your free trial to enjoy some great entertainment and pick up a huge range of content marketing opportunities in the process!

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